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While we love seeing you, we don’t want to see your car on the back of a tow truck. Preventative maintenance can help you avoid unexpected and expensive repairs down the road. Lack of maintenance can cause the premature failure of expensive components.

Manufacturers create maintenance schedules to keep your car running smoothly. These schedules are created for vehicles driven in all states and abroad. In Pennsylvania most safety items on these schedules are already checked for Pa state safety inspection.

Why should you pay for the same thing twice?

The example below is a 2004 Acura tl 30,000 mile maintenance schedule. This maintenance calls for 1.6 hours of work. Most of the items under “inspect” are part of Pa state inspection. If this car is a Pa inspected car it basically needs the items under “replace”, this includes oil change, air filter, cabin air filter and tire rotation.

At West Goshen Automotive we would only charge you for these items. This equates to a 50% savings in labor charges alone.

Maintenance Schedule

Brake Hose/Line (S)
Inspect brake lines and hoses (Including ABS)
Constant Velocity Joint Boot (S)
Inspect drive shaft boots.
Disc Brake System (S)
Inspect front and rear brakes.
Drive Belt (S)
Exhaust System (E)
Fluids (S)
Inspect all fluid levels and condition of fluids.
Fuel Supply Line (E)
Inspect fuel lines, hoses, and connections.
Parking Brake System (S)
Inspect parking brake adjustment.
Steering and Suspension (S)
Inspect tie rod ends, steering gear box and boots, and suspension components.
Air Filter Element (S)
If driven in dusty conditions replace every 15,000 miles.
Cabin Air Filter / Purifier (S)
If driven in urban area with sooty conditions replace every 15,000 miles.
Engine Oil (S)
Peform at mileage interval or every 12 months, whichever comes first.
Oil Filter, Engine (S)
Rotate tires, inspect tire inflation and condition at least once a month.
(S) = Service Warranty Requirement
(E) = Emission Warranty Requirement
(B) = Both Service and Emission Warranty Requirement

Detailed Repair &
Maintenance Information

Why is my Check Engine Light on?
Explanation: The computer in your car is constantly monitoring the emissions system of your car as you are driving. The computer looks for different scenarios that it knows the outcome to , let’s refer to these as tests. When your car fails a given test the computer turns on the check engine light. It’s that simple. In some instances the given test may have to fail multiple times to turn on the light. In other instances the light may go back off if it in turn passes the test the next time you drive. Don’t be fooled by the chain store adds that offer a "Free code read scan". Getting a piece of paper handed to you with a code number won’t fix your car. Having a parts counter guy guess at what part your car needs probably won’t fix your car. Every code number has a diagnostic repair procedure written by the cars manufacturer. We have the tools and equipment to properly diagnose and repair check engine light concerns.Is your check engine light on? Contact us to Schedule Service
NAPA Auto Care Preventative Maintenance Program